Hybrid integration: What you need to know!

A hybrid integration platform strategy is the only viable integration strategy in the digital era to support the fast pace of innovation. The integration landscape is constantly changing. If you want to move with the times, “IT must align with the business and accelerate innovation, improve efficiency and reduce risk.” What is hybrid integration? Hybrid integration is the path to do so. What is hybrid integration? Start with Massimo Pezzini at Gartner’s take on it. “The hybrid integration platform (HIP) is a framework of on-premises and cloud-based integration and governance capabilities that enables differently skilled personas (integration specialists and non-specialists) to support a wide

Metadata Security & Metadator

When an episode of the Game of Thrones was hacked and hit the Internet months before it was aired, making it one of the biggest hacks, viewers were immensely pleased; but the production team had to film multiple endings to their latest episode to defend themselves against such hacks. Though technical advancement has enabled better content production, it has also enabled hackers take advantage of technology improvements. With data breaches such as these threatening the security system in organizations, an effective security risk structure is critical to protect important data and information. Defined as ‘Data about data’, Metadata adds information to data making it possible to automatically

From strategic analyses to actionable strategic intelligence: M-Brain as a strategic partner

Even the greatest mind can get a headache from the ever-expanding business environment. But if done correctly and in a systematic way, putting small pieces of information together will create a pattern that is easy to understand. True insight is based on three sources of information: published information, unpublished information and internal knowledge. It sounds easy, yet many overestimate the value of true market intelligence combined with structured analysis. An overload of data is not something that should be avoided. Instead, you can take advantage of the opportunities it might bring. Through customized analyses combined with technological solutions you can get actionable strategic inte

Cision Communications Cloud Enhancements Enable PR to Measure True Business Impact

As consumer trust continues to shift toward earned media, corporate dollars are moving just as quickly away from the comms department. In fact, according to the 2018 Global Comms Report, global paid media spend ratios are currently at 95 percent, 4.5 percent for owned media and only .5 percent for earned media — a drastic budget difference. Why this paradox? Up until now, comms teams have relied heavily on “vanity” metrics, such as potential reach or advertising value equivalency (AVEs), which carry little weight compared to traditional business metrics. Without the ability to tie earned media efforts to true business outcomes, leadership continues to invest in areas of marketing that show m

Mainstream Journalism and PR Efforts Today

When it comes to who influences consumer choices, mainstream journalists surprisingly rank among the top three most impactful influencer groups. 53 percent of senior communications leaders placed the value of a journalist’s endorsement behind that of everyday consumers and ahead of brand advocacy by celebrity spokespeople. While celebrity and influencer marketing is gaining increasing popularity on social media (people are fond of recommendations from those they admire), the perception that paid spokespeople lacks authenticity limits their reach. Consumers place most of their trust in their peers and those they deem authentic, with mainstream journalists figuring prominently. Journalists wor

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