Isentia appoints Jen Marshall as Chief Product Officer

Appointment further strengthens new executive leadership team Isentia Group Limited (ASX:ISD) today announces the appointment of Jen Marshall as Chief Product Officer, as it continues to strengthen its executive team under newly appointed Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Ed Harrison. Jen will join Isentia on Monday 7th January from her current position as Chief Executive Officer at Brainmates, a product management training and consulting firm. Jen brings extensive experience from across digital, product and media segments from previous roles at Fairfax, Optus and Sky News, and will be responsible for ongoing product development and technology innovation across Isentia’s As

13 % of my job can be done by a robot

For some time now it has been trendy to predict the abolition of various professions. This is the consequence of increasing hype around robotization, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), and the resulting automation of work. In the future digitalization will create many new jobs, ones that we even haven’t heard today, but as people often have talent for drama, the emphasis has been in the ones that will be lost. Will a robot take my job? Clearly, the development of machine learning and AI have had, and continue to have, a serious effect on information business as well. Tasks, such as data search, collection, processing, visualization, and tone sentiment represent functions that

Something old, something new: the challenges of advertising in a multi-format world

We live in a time of change. Barely a day goes by without new developments in the world of technology, whether it’s new consumer tech – such as the boom in connected home devices with Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home – or broader movements disrupting the sector, from alternative reality to artificial intelligence and virtual reality. These technologies have the potential to change our lives on an individual level – but they’re also transformative in what they can offer the advertising industry. Whether providing new touch points for consumers and brands, establishing new ways of transmitting editorial content, or bridging gaps between old media and new, technology in all its forms is shaking

Ad Monitoring in TV and Radio

Do you currently use technology to automatically identify TV and Radio advertisements? Are you thinking of outsourcingthe process of advertisement monitoring? Would you like to have a single technology partner for your entire media monitoring process (print and broadcast, ads and news)? MediaScouting Broadcast Ad Monitoring is ideal for advertisement monitoring, ad campaigns and audience measurement. It streamlines and automates the process of advertisement monitoring: Automatically identifies advertisements with success rates up to 99.99%; aligns the instance of the advertisement to the original; and reports the exact number of seconds of appearance of the advertisement. Automatically track

50th World Media Intelligence Congress: International Industry Meeting in Copenhagen

The participants of the 50th WMIC in Copenhagen. (© FIBEP) Discussions about a possible merger of professional associations, the Facebook scandal and the consequences, new licensing models of PMG in Germany, the ancillary copyright law passed by the European Parliament and then the increasingly accelerating digitalisation: the participants of the World Media Intelligence Congress (WMIC) did not lack topics. From 1 to 3 October, 200 media observers from over 30 countries met for their 50th specialist congress. Oliver Plauschinat, who illuminates the most important discussions for the PR-journal, was also present. The first Congress of Media Observers took place in Paris in 1953 with the found

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